His Princess

Honestly for me Karolina is more beautiful.
My only fault was getting sick.
Now I am healed.
I’d like a woman for the rest of her life to live happily with me.
She must be happy to be my princess.
Living with me is a rare luxury and opportunity.
Talk to Karolina. Show the video.
Then do the same with Lina.
I decided not to be single anymore.
Whoever decides to come to my house will be happy all his life.

I have known many Ukrainian women. They just want money, they want to go shopping, they don’t want to cook. They are poor but they demand luxury.
I didn’t like most of them.
If you introduce me to a truly beautiful woman, but she must be a calm, patient, polite woman. But the best woman for me-Karilina. She will be my princess.

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