Peter·s Letter

You have a lot of charm and a very beautiful smile, to have a woman like you by my side, to make you happy, even your beautiful face every day, would be the most beautiful thing that can happen to me in my life. I didn’t believe there could be such a beautiful woman in Ukraine who was looking for a European man. It is difficult to write to yourself while remaining objective and sincere. The first letter has a stranger whom long I would like to seduce is difficult. I am a 58-year-old widower, 1.83 / 81 kilograms, I raised my 2 children alone, my wife left us due to an illness when my children were still young. I have always worked in real estate, once I had a construction business, I sold this business 5 years ago, now I build homes that I sell to clients. I can claim my retirement, but I am an active man, I have a job I love my job, that's why I still work. I am a man who loves nature, the ocean, the mountains, the animals. I cannot say that I am an environmentalist, but I pay attention to nature, I eat fresh products, I pay attention to my lifestyle. I like sport (all the sport interests me in spectacle, of course I practice whatever sport like tennis, bicycle, running, and I how to learn to golf. Another passion I like a lot to travel . I am a caring, faithful, honest, sincere and responsible man. I have a good general knowledge, I can talk about all subjects of conversation, I never get bored. I don't pretend to be a perfect man, but I have good family value. My only problem, I only speak French, I hope this will not be an obstacle for you? I live in a house by the sea (les sables d'Olonne) you probably don't know, this small town of 60,000 inhabitants, this town is in the west of France, the nearest large town is calls Nantes. As I said before, I have two grown up independent boys, one living with her friend, the other still single. I also have a brother and sister and nieces and nephews. We are a very united and accomplice family. Every year we celebrate Christmas together, with my sister, it's children and my children. With us in France Christmas is a big family celebration. This year we are all going to meet at home. I am going to finish this little letter, I hope I have not bored you, I will very much look forward to your response. I wish you a good day.Peter

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