Liubov, if Karolina, whom you wrote to me cannot become a mother, so she cannot bear children, she wants a man older than her of over 20 years, without having ever met him, she does not offend every time, she does not write that she does not want to receive messages. Even if all this were part of your character, it means that you have an impetuous, unstable, not very sweet character. And when a woman says that she is beautiful and does not want to cook,... Then I think you have every right to go to the restaurant with her  wallet..

-I told you about her because you told me you wanted to talk to her. She can’t be happy with a poor man. That’s your answer. I don’t have a problem. I’m interested in a smart woman. If she wants to talk to me again, she only has advantages. If you don’t care, it’s your problem. I live in well-being. I’ll make a woman happier and smarter than you. She’s just another woman. If she doesn’t have a brain. I do not need a woman like this.

 Thank you, but believe me it's not a problem for me. If the right person comes along, fine, otherwise you can't have everything in life. I don't do anything with a photo. Too little. This girl is yet another person who wants a child, who wants luxury, who just wants to waste time and money. How tall is she? What's your name? Which city of residence in Ukraine? Do you have children? I am going to Valladolid . If it's not far away and she can come to Valladolid I might meet her. But I can't move from there because I'm on a university course that's important to me. I have to be present on the course.

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