To Be Sure In Future


I liked this letter of my client a lot. Serious attitude towards marriage. I think its very correct.

"Dear Liubov, I am going to give you a personal confidence. I will marry 100% my next woman with whom I will live. This is my wish. Above all, it is my free choice. But marriage will happen after years of living together. Not before. I will marry my next woman because she, when I die, applying an Italian law in favor of women widows, she will be entitled every month to 60% of my pension. So she, after my death, not before for the Italian law, will perceive for effect of the marriage with an Italian citizen, a sum (in my case of course, then everyone has different formulas) not less than 1.200,00€ per month. It is a decent sum to live peacefully your life. Besides, I will have my own house, which may be different from the present one, where she can live peacefully. This is the truth and I have told you everything. She who will be at my side will live well always and without problems. Those looking for something more important, I wish all women great luck".

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