Poetry Of Love

Sweetheart Olha,
Your eyes were a white light in my darkness
when I was walking yesterday night thinking of you..
Watching your photo with your tender eyes, I could find the way that brightened my ride
reaching for my soul. 
After your unexpected and painful disappearance 
all is grey around me ..
Even the sun decided to go away..
All is a desert around me
A rapid greyness grabbed our blue sky..
All is meaningless..
Even the candles in my Church extinguished their small flame..
It started some unnatural raining in my sunny Region on April 25th 
when normally I was swimming on sea..
All is sadness and wide emptiness..
I gona pray our Lord 
to take me back you
Your eyes,your warm and tender smile..
Give me back it..
Olgha,honey,don't take it away from me..
Bring me back the bright hope in a life together 
with a new family built with You,
My Sweetheart Olga

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