"I honestly believe these women make little sense to me. I'll give you an example: Tania and her sister (who had a face disfigured by silicone), yesterday at lunch, my guests, they felt stomach ache but they ordered 4 plates of food each even when I was in the cashier to pay the bill and I thought they had finished eating. These women are only capable of making me spend money, go to restaurants, dress up with Gucci, Calvin clein, Armani, yves saint laurent, ... I have the desire to meet a WOMAN, not a fool who in Italy does not know where to put her . A woman, 40/45 years old, beautiful, natural, slender, 166/176 tall, who doesn't want children or has an older child. A humble woman who gives me her hand, a hug. Not a cold, detached woman, not an insignificant doll. A woman who is happy to be with me, even if we are sitting on a bench eating a sandwich. Quite the opposite of those leeches  but that I would never choose as the woman in my life. And I would never have a child with a narcissistic woman, who looks at herself 100 times a night in the mirror, which is too fake to be true. And these are the Ukrainian women fleeing the war? Here they find no intelligent man willing to love them".

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