His Goal- Ukrainian Lady

You are helping these women far more than they can hope, because if they understand that their life can only change with a Western man, they will stop living as refugees and start a new life thanks to you.
Lina just wants the easy life. But no one can give her the easy life she wants. I believe that if she wants me it is because there is no one with whom she can get better, but I don't trust much.
Tania is a mystery. You told me that she is beautiful like Lina. She seems like a mature woman to me, so she won't miss her chance of hers.
Mila I don't know where she is. I was curious to know her.
In my life I have always wanted wealthy Italian women .. Now I think that building a future with a Ukrainian woman will be my goal.
We'll see.

I am trusting you and you are concretely helping a beautiful Ukrainian woman to change her life for the better with me, being devoted to me, living with me.
If they, Lina included, do not understand the gift you are giving them, it is not your responsibility, but their inability to open their eyes and give meaning to their lives.

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