Your Agency Is Serious


"I signed up on a site of your competitor and they sent me a mountain of letters and photos so many women. It certainly gratifies me. But I don’t care because I need trust and you are a serious person. I don’t let anyone in my house. If I don’t meet the person I love, it will never be a problem. I can have so many stories with so many different girls. In life you have to know how to take what is most appropriate. It is not a drama. You live the same. Often even better.

Believe me, there’s no point in wasting time, money and especially life for a woman. If a woman doesn’t want me, I can only wish her to meet the man I’m happy with. I always move on. I have to work hard. I have a full life. I am often away from home. I travel a lot. I sleep in a hotel. I eat in a restaurant. Every day I meet customers, so new people. I visit new cities. What do I do with a woman who gives me trouble? Nothing. If I want tolove and be loved, I either choose from my many girlfriends or I get a classy hooker the way I want. If I want to have dinner with new people, I can call friends or work colleagues. If I want to be happy, I stay with my children or my mother. If I am alone, I am serene. I have time to meditate on Buddhism. I do sports. So I don’t rule out anything, not even an Italian woman or a Ukrainian or a Russian woman. But I have to be convinced that this is right for me. If she starts badly with me, I don’t even take a step towards her. I think I’ve made myself clear.
Thank you"

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