The Most Important It Is Love

I go abroad to meet a friend, with my money I pay for air travel, hotel, taxi, food... For me, I repeat once again, you are only and exclusively a friend. At the moment nothing more. I hope I was clear! And in my house, which is a beautiful villa, my children live in this period. One last thing to be honest all the way. With the retouched, edited photos, no longer real nobody goes shopping at the supermarket. I learned that in life it is better to be yourself. I’m not looking for dolls, but a real woman. Most likely you are not the person for me and neither am I man for you. I don’t need a doll to go out and go shopping. I need a beautiful and smart woman to share my life with. Someone who loves to cook, who is character-stable. There are so many differences between us. Different culture. Different language. Different religion. A very different way of life. From what I read, I have a feeling that it’s really unlikely that you and I will be together. I want to live peacefully. And I am serene. I don’t need a woman to trouble me, to complain. I can offer so much to a woman, but she must deserve this. If not, nothing could be easier than taking totally divergent paths. The main thing It is to have love. If the love will come to us then everythig is possible-Lets hope that will. 

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