She Made Him Angree

This morning I wrote to K. inviting her to Italy. She wrote me that she is happy now and she has everything she wants .. For me it is a lie. K. is a spoiled, instinctive, pretentious child. She was too immature a person for me-- called me an old and ugly man. To me it is unacceptable.
So she’s not worthy to be near me.
I don’t let anyone humiliate me.
Now she has hormones at 1000.... When she ends... she will see her life differently.
I am very irgo and also touchy.
If a person offends me I don’t care anymore

k, doesn't contact you anymore, beccause she is happy. she used you. not the opposite. now you are only a problem for her. she found love, happiness.  for her you are only the past. don't forget

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