My Woman.Where Ara you?

Liubov, I understand that you want to propose every Ukrainian woman to me, it is your job and you must live. It is normal. I always give people a chance. Unfortunately, these women often don’t understand that they have a real chance, they don’t even realize it. They think they are beautiful and so they are pretentious. The years pass and they remain poor, without a future. A wasted life. You and I try to find a possible solution. If you find the right person, everything is fine. Otherwise I helped you in your work and you live your life. Only Irina seemed very smart to me. The other women were frivolous, inconsistent. I don’t put my life in the hands of an unsuitable person. Even in Italy it’s difficult. It’s full of divorced women with children. I don’t want them in my house because they’re full of problems. I do what I want when I’m single. .. Work is there. Health as well. But I want to choose the person I like. I don’t fit in. If you know new, but interesting people, like Irina, you introduce me to them. I am always willing to evaluate your proposals until I fall in love.
 These . women, so fragile, so insecure, so needy of a man, make me tender. I don’t care about any of them. It’s not easy for me to like a woman. I’m a free man, I can choose, I’m not sick and I don’t like to settleI am waiting for love, big love. Love is the most important in life..

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