Mario In Love

 Dear Tania,
I have been so sad and with low mood all these days without you due to that misunderstanding about that karaoke. 
But thanks to the Luda help,i count tommake it up with you
I really when met u first time,deleted all women i already met..only desert and gray sand around me.  
But you turned on a so sweet fire in my heart bringing as well a so brighten light that makes me see every my pass on the streams of my lonely nights. 
I pray our common Lord that such light can strengthen to illuminate our life together, giving us the possibility to overtake the hard challenges that life abitually prepares to the human beings .
I m so sure that with you next to me, ill receive a so tough strengt able to make me face all that hard challenges. 
And at the same time able to make me feel the real taste of the inner life .
Life that i wish to live with you in a new happy family..
With all my heart
yours truly Mario

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