Lina Is Right Person

Luda, these women, ridiculous with fake photos, very different from reality, still think that there are men ready to love people with stilettos, , décolté, winking and provocative looks. . Only Irina has proven herself to be an intelligent woman. I wasn’t interested in her physically, but she is a serious person. Totally different from the photos, less beautiful, but a real woman. These others are dolls . They also make me tender. Here in Europe an unprecedented crisis is coming. Advise your friends to dress more soberly, to run to men willing to let them enter their home, to cook every day and take care of the man and the house. For example, I don’t want to know a Ukrainian woman who has underage children. If he made a child with a man, it is right for his father to raise the child. I do not. I do not want to take this responsibility. And if a woman wants a child from me, she can leave my house right away. I don’t lose my freedom. I have children, I made sacrifices for them. Now I think of myself. Lina was the right person. Because she was beautiful. These are not beautiful

In my life I have suffered so much for love. I don’t want to repeat the things that happened to me anymore. I don’t want to deceive a woman, especially if she comes from a country in difficulty. I want to respect the person in front of me. I will give all of myself for his happiness. I am a decent man. But I am a wounded man. Betrayed and used by Italian women. Unfortunately for them, now their life is worse than when they were with me. They have chosen worse men, but I have no grudge and no regrets. I am ready to start my life with a new woman. But we must both be happy. Both of us must be proud of the choice made. A great man needs a great woman. Woman makes a man’s fortune or she is his disgrace. People come when no one would ever think.
Thank you

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