I Need Like Woman

I rather wait for the right person than start a relationship with a woman I don’t really like. Many of my friends for loneliness are engaged to women they don’t love. This is bad. This is not done. In life it takes patience. Calm down. When a person is honest with himself, then the right time comes. Karolina would have been a mistake for me. She would be laughed at by everyone because nobody cares about her beauty. It takes a good brain. When a person goes to the doctor, to the supermarket, by car, by train, to the sea even if it is beautiful but has no money nobody pays the bill for others. It’s a speech you know well. I would show you how many girls in your country end up in the world badly. It’s an absurd thing. They think they are beautiful, but for them there is no future.Luba, I, like everyone, have my strengths and weaknesses.
I can only be with a woman who wants to follow a man. A woman with a mild, sweet character. I cannot be with a woman who is too independent. I am a leader in work, in the family, in society and also in the couple relationship. If a woman wants to dominate, between us, even involuntarily,  with time a deep quarrel arises and then the relationship ends badly. With the suffering of both. Unfortunately, since I am also an aesthete, a man who loves beauty, beauty in general, I can only be with a truly beautiful woman. I told you my flaws. I tried to change, without success. With time I am more mature and malleable, but this is my main limitatio.

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