His Standarts Are Hight

Dear liubov, even with Tania it's over. We met but we want different things: she wants a child, I don't. I hope for you that you will meet a handsome, good, kind, polite, cultured man who is happy with you forever. She was kind but too cold. She left without ever looking back. I've invited her and her sister twice for lunch out. I gave them money for the supermarket and bought them medicine. I did great. Our paths are divided. If you want to introduce me to a woman from your country she must be beautiful, she must not want children, possibly she must be a modest woman (many of them are too demanding, they want a luxurious life ... Too much !!) maybe it is better that she is not from Kiev but of a smaller, humbler city. A woman with her feet on the ground, not a woman with her head in the clouds.
Or nothing

The woman I choose, she may not work all her life and have a comfortable life.
I don’t know if that’s small.
She can go on a beach holiday every year.
She can have the best doctors in case of need, live serene and relaxed and respected.
If that’s not enough, then I don’t know what to say.

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