He Needs Devoted Lady

Liubov, good morning. I saw your site. There are potentially beautiful women, but most have only 1 photo. I did a search with these parameters :
Age 36/46 years old
Educational qualification :University
Height :166/176cm
I’ve seen some of them.
Now I ask you to propose to me the most beautiful and suitable for me with these characteristics.
Then we make the choice and move on.
Send me pictures of the women you advise.
If Lina doesn’t want to, leave her alone. It’s her problem to make bad choices in life.
I want a truly beautiful and devoted woman.
I’m waiting for your answer.

I prefer the woman with long legs, a slender body, never fat, regular white teeth, a modern western look, a beautiful smile, long hair but not very long, straight hair not curly,....


I wish you a good search

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