Difficult to Find Dream Lady

"Dear Luba, I am single because I have been very hurt by love stories with Italian women ended badly with much suffering. So I closed, I preferred to have .. Less important of course. I am a lion so I need a good catch to show publicly. I am an extended, often exaggerated. I need someone who follows me. I love to decide. I’m protective. I’m jealous. Kind. Caring. Passionate. Selfless. Generous. Strong in work, weak in love. Many women happen to me, but I don’t want to bind unconsciously because I fear the end of the relationship. I tear it. The abandonment. The rejection. If I am refused I become angry. With time and pain I have improved a lot. A woman must be meek, faithful, sensual, geisha, beautiful. Maybe I ask too much. So I am single. At 99.9999999999% I will be single for life. Yesterday was a problem. Today is my life".

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