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 He really loves her. And want that she chose him for future life.

"Thank you very much dear Liubov.
I believe, for example, that Lina must marry that poor boy because she will have to make mistakes and grow up after having overcome important sufferings. She thinks she can have it all because she’s a little prettier than other women. But this is not enough to be happy and have a good future and a solid life. Life is often bad, very often unpredictable. Those who hang from a silk thread fall and get very hurt. At 99.99% Lina will marry that poor man and at 99.99% she and I will never be together. 101% she will part with this man. If, as is likely, she will have children with him, she will have a life full of trouble, sadnes ... Read more »

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Our client is in love with Lina. She took his heart.

"Dear Liubov, if Lina does not tell you that she really wants to come to me, we must leave her to her fate. If a woman exchanges gold for tin, well-being for poverty, maturity for immaturity, certainty for uncertainty, comfort for discomfort, solidity for precariousness, then it is right that she should put herself in a position to hurt herself with her own hands. I certainly won’t be here waiting for you, maybe come back with a bump and a baby. A woman marries a man if she can have a solid future. Otherwise she’s a fool. I don’t marry a pole dancer, I don’t fall in love with her, . Then everyone goes home. And most of all we don’t see each other anymore. Instead Lina ... Read more »

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"Our client from Italia is in love with our Lina. He invited her to Italia, but she is thinking.

"I am quite confident that there will be a ceasefire. Unfortunately, the effects of the war (deaths, injuries, destruction, poverty, ..) are all suffering for Ukraine. After this horrible phase there will be the alleged reconstruction of the country. Unfortunately, even in this case, since foreign money, the first to have an advantage will be foreigners. Meanwhile, the lives of the Ukrainian people will quickly be forgotten because the world, insensitive to the pain of others for a long time, will have other priorities. And whoever is a refugee today is unlikely to be rich tomorrow. So those who find a love, a welcoming home, a friend can clearly sa ... Read more »

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"I am very confident. There is no night so dark that it prevents dawn from rising again. Nothing lasts forever. Not even suffering. Spring is coming and then summer. Italy is a great country to live in peace, with an exceptional climate, fantastic food, art, culture and fashion. I'll wait for you soon from me dear Lina. Someday you will be very grateful to Lyubov for letting you meet me."-wrote our client.

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If this photo with photoshop?

" Sometimes the clients complain that the photos of some woman are after photoshop. Possible. But we have videos of those women and we send to clients ,if they ask.

"Lyubov, for all Ukrainian women, unfortunately, the conditions of life have worsened irremediably and you know all these women personally. The photos are often artificially edited to improve the aesthetic appearance and are not even recent. You know exactly what I'm looking for. You saw the photos of Victoria . So take it easy, if they are roses they will bloom.
The plugs are not necessary."

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"Pity to say that , but It is reality. Some our clients help Ukrainian women refugees. If you need the help you can write to us. Here the letter of one our client, he is ready to help:


"Now I'll explain how things really are. Every day refugees from Ukraine arrive in Italy free of charge in many cities of my country. These people pay nothing for travel and food. When they arrive at their destination in Italy, if they have a person to take care of them.  If you know a lot of women looking for help then maybe now is the time to give one of them a chance to live in peace.I sincerely want to help a person to live in peace, away from wars, in a clean home, a healthy environment. You know my thoughts.If you know a single ... Read more »

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