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"Pity to say that , but It is reality. Some our clients help Ukrainian women refugees. If you need the help you can write to us. Here the letter of one our client, he is ready to help:


"Now I'll explain how things really are. Every day refugees from Ukraine arrive in Italy free of charge in many cities of my country. These people pay nothing for travel and food. When they arrive at their destination in Italy, if they have a person to take care of them.  If you know a lot of women looking for help then maybe now is the time to give one of them a chance to live in peace.I sincerely want to help a person to live in peace, away from wars, in a clean home, a healthy environment. You know my thoughts.If you know a single mom with children who needs help, I open the doors of my house. I give them a bedroom each, food, clothes, medicine. When all is over, they can leave and go home, as long as there is something left. 
I pray for you and your country"


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