So nice to read the poetries of our clients about love. And so nice to know that the ladies of our Matchmaking agency  "Love"  give the inspiration to men to write so  romantic poetries.

"My Alona...  
you left a desert in my hearth. 
I feel a huge emptyness around me..
You were my  joy
My mood
My happyness
My strength
My voice
My blod
My hotness
My desire
My joy of living
My inner energy 
My sun through the  clouds
My light in the dark
My salt in my food 
My oxygen for my lungs
My water for my thirst 
My bread for my hunger
My heater for my house 
My brain for ... Read more »

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This our Italian client has a serious intentions. It is a pleasure to know about this. We will try to help him to find his dream girl for marriage.

"Now I'll tell you something. I am single by choice. This condition allows me to travel when I want, where I want, with whoever I want. I have visited over 40 foreign countries. I met many single women in Italy. And there are so many. I do what I want with my life without being accountable to anyone. So if I am joining a woman, I must like her a lot. She must be beautiful, faithful, homely, clean and intelligent. I make her live well as a person and above all as a woman. She will have it all. But you don't have to ask me for a child. Otherwise I prefer the relationship to end. And so was my life ... Read more »

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Maria and Terry, our new couple, now are travelling in Europe. As both are the people of art, they try to visit the concerts, the museums in different part of Europe. Two days ago they went to visit the theater in Geneva. It was real wonderful.

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Those birds are the symbol of faithful. The people like them and also like the legend of their faithfulness. Examples for us, people.

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