Many our dates can be finished like that love story. But you never know what can be better. Maybe this end is better. Who knows?

"Liubov is lucky for me. I don’t need a woman like that. I deleted all her numbers. I don’t waste time. The worst is for her. If you gave her the opportunity to meet me and have a chance to change her life but she loses this fortune, I don’t care to talk about this woman anymore."

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He is in love with Lina. So nice to know that our  customer is in love.

"Lina, coaches to Italy are free. You don't have to pay anything. If they ask you for money it is a scam. Never trust strange people. I live 100 meters from the carabinieri office, if you have to go through a document check. The hospital is 200 meters away. If you come I must give you all the useful information and the guarantees of security and peace. You will have a bedroom all to yourself with a private bathroom.
I would host all your people in my home, but I can't."

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