Ukrainian women... One our client wrote that they are "Only Desadvantages"  But how they are attracted for the men of all countries. We are sure, as soon as war  will be finished all single men from many countries will be in Ukraine in order to find a beautiful lady for marriage.

"Until today only. Irina, the presenter I met in Holland made a good impression. ALL THESE OTHER WOMEN ARE   ARE USELESS. I WOULD NEVER WANT SUCH A WOMAN BY MY SIDE. At 99.9% I get engaged, I don’t know. When, with ananother woman. With you it’s kind of a game, one more attempt. But I do not think that a relationship with a Ukrainian woman is possible. Only disadvantages is nothing exceptional as a person".

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Lina is going to be married soon. She  prefered another man . Our client is very sad. But It is life.

"Thank you very much dear Liubov.
I believe, for example, that Lina must marry that poor boy because she will have to make mistakes and grow up after having overcome important sufferings. She thinks she can have it all because she’s a little prettier than other women. But this is not enough to be happy and have a good future and a solid life. Life is often bad, very often unpredictable. Those who hang from a silk thread fall and get very hurt. At 99.99% Lina will marry that poor man and at 99.99% she and I will never be together. 101% she will part with this man. If, as is likely, she will have children with him, she will ... Read more »

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