in Kiev is still Winter, Even in Calendar it is Spring. But in the hearts of our ladies It is Spring.Look at the photos of our girls and you will understand that I am right.

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" Luda è la titolare della Agenzia matrimoniale migliore di tutta l'Ucraina..presenta le ragazze più belle e serie. 
E fornisce supporto anche dipo la presentazione,per risolvere eventuali misunderstandings che possano sorgere con le ragazze..inoltre fornisce anche supporto morale!"- Roberto from Milano.

 Those  words wrote about us by  one our client. Not many words, but before receive those words how much we had to work and how many energy we spended, positive energy and the part of our soul.

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Our Italian client helps Ukraine.

"I am helping people from your country. Those in difficulty must always be helped. Getting to know a Ukrainian woman is a totally different story. If what interests me happens, and if there is mutual interest, then fine. Otherwise I will not let the first one come into my life, because I have seen 2 or 3 beautiful photos. It is absolutely not necessary and I will never make such a stupid choice. In the next few days I will go in person to bring food and medicine to 3 Ukrainian families who have come to Italy"

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