Luda if you had come to my house with Lina, I would have given you a bedroom and a bedroom to her.
I just wanted to meet a woman (her) and understand each other if it was right for both to know each other better.
So a path of mutual knowledge, slow, healthy, clean, without any misunderstanding.
You have decided otherwise, and I can only acknowledge that and wish you happiness.
I hope you appreciate my gentleness, my hospitality, and my kindness.
Have a good day
Send this message to her too.
You will no longer receive my messages, but a small gift in money for you dear Luda.

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Spring came. And  Spring is the time for love. Nina is in love with Otto. They are nit married yet, but  in the future maybe will be. They try to know each other better and then decide. Nina lives in Geneva now. She is from  Kiev, but when the war started she had to leave Ukraine and Nina came to Geneva. As Nina is our client-we presented her Otto. They liked each   other. Today was a wonderful day for the rest in fresh air. Nina  send this video to us in order that we can here  her song about Love. And we can tell a little secret to our  ladies:if you want to attract a man in your life-sing the songs to your loved man and he will fall in love with you.

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 I know that many of our customers are always interested to know what happen in Ukraine today? What new is in Kiev. We published those photos in order to show that we are alive, Kiev is alive and we are working.  

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"She was right not to answer. Her silence is an answer. She chose to be that boy’s woman, and I hope she’s happy with him. For me, the speech is over. She didn’t stop my life from moving on. The world is full of women. It’s not just her. If she wanted me, she was already here for a long time. I am grateful to the universe that this meeting with her was not there. She would have been a big problem for me. When something does not happen, it means that it should not happen. I have no regrets and regret. She is too young for me. I would have found her interesting for love. Otherwise she would have been a wrong choice for me. She’s gonna be a mother with no money, and over the years, nobody’s gonna like her. She will only have to hope that her marriage will last a lifetime, otherwise she will have very serious problems and she will not be able to offer much to her son. A Ukrainian woman who chooses a poor man is an un-intelligent woman. She thinks ... Read more »

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"Good morning. I am skiing with my friends but I want to ask you, if you want of course, a final courtesy. Forward this my last message to Lina (I do not have her mobile number and today I delete yours too even if in the coming days I will send you money with money gram for a final greeting). I only suspended contact with her because of a disease I’ve cured and overcome. You’re happy with another man now, so there’s no point in continuing with her. Surely you, like most relationships without economic prospects will not last a lifetime. I’m pretty sure. At the end of the initial phase there are problems, difficulties and the couple bursts. I tell you from experience. If she makes a child with him, she will have many initial joys and m ... Read more »

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