This is our client Peter.He lives in Italia. He is 65 years old. Peter is looking for a young woman for his life. he wants a woman untill 40 years old, without children. He is serious about marriage

" Im very kind, honest, , caring, compassionate, family oriented, romantic, passionate, and a person who is serious.  I'm looking for someone special for serious relationship only. I do not have time for games. . My heart is open for love."

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Aliona and me are invited to Italia again. We are ready to come to visit Antonio.

"Dear Alona...
I regret that during your staying with me,I couldn't show you how much I liked you and loved you..
Because your, dear, built a barrier between us..
But now if yoy have changed,
I really want to try to build a relationship with you.
Cause I never met in my life a so gorgeous woman.
And I'm sure that your heart is deep and pure..
So,come to me..as soon as possible with Miss Luda.
Your  Antonio"

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 Serious Italian our client invite our Lina to Italia.But she id¡s thinking what to do? Go or no?

"In Italy there is a famous proverb that says: "the iron strikes while it is hot". You will see, unfortunately I say, that the fate of the Ukrainian refugees will affect much less over time. Why? Because everyone will think about their own life. Italians will want to go to the beach because summer is upon us. And the women you know, if they don't make the right choices quickly, will end up having regrets. Without a home, a job, money, a man who wants love, an unknown language, ... how do they think they have a safe and good life, with beauty ??? Believe me, beauty doesn't matter. When a person is sick and needs a doctor if h ... Read more »

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