How pleasant to read the prosal like this from our men clients to our ladies clients.

"You must know that with me you will never be alone. I am a very determined man and I just want to show you who I am and what good I can do. You will see everything directly. And you will know how to judge. Words are useless. The real difference is made by people's behavior, by concrete actions, especially in times of difficulty and despair.
But you will never again experience the suffering that you had to go through.
Other people will not have the same luck as you.
Treasure what good life is offering you.
You are a smart woman.
You will love living in Italy.
You will tell me personally".

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So pleasant to receive the letter like this. We always try to help our clients and we are always happy to help them to lead them to the marriage. We have the hope that will be one more couple in our agency.

"Thank you. Im happy to hear that. She also seemed like a happy and warm woman. I will be interested to know her more over time. I think I will first get to know this woman and take time with her. Thank you for your strong recommendation to somebody you know a bit personally through her family. I think its very important to me. Also that you will look to give support to us, if everything is going well.."

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From the beginning of the war thousands of Ukrainian women are arriving in Italy in order to save their lives and Italian single man have the possibility to chose a dream woman ..They have a big choice.

"Luda, I have informed you about what is happening because you (even if you have no responsibility) are the person who put me in contact with Lina. I want to help her and give her life a chance. I am even willing to host the mother. But I demand respect. If instead, I hope I'm wrong, she wants to scam me, I delete her mobile number and focus on a different woman, because tens of thousands of Ukrainian women are arriving in Italy who can't wait to live with an Italian man"

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