Only  look, what perfect present Natalia prepared for the first date with the potential fiance. The date will be 03.04.2023 in a cozy restaurant, we can say , in the center of Europe.

 After the war our  Marriage agency "Love" continues  to work. We arrange the dates  all over Europe and even in USA. This time the date will be there. We are anxious to this date.

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"Italia is a very beautiful country, but now the realiiity are like this client wrote.. I agree with him that before marriage  a woman has to think about future not only of her, but also about future of future child.

"Lina or any other Ukrainian woman how do you plan to start a family? With what money? And if she brings into the world, hoping that the child is born without diseases, what future can she give to the child? Especially if she does not have a future. And when the  passion with this guy is over what remains of his life? When he receives friend at home what can he offer and where he hosts them? And if she becomes seriously ill who cares without money? What trips will she make?.... Liubov I will not leave you because you are ... Read more »

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 Why I published the photo of that restaurant in my site? You may ask me. 

I will answer to you. In this restaurant 3.04. 2023 will be  very important event in our agency- the  first date of our couple. We are waiting this date. We are anxious to see the result of this date. Why just this date? Because they were looking each other many years. Two loneless will meet that evening.

 Natalia even prepared a very special present for him. and the most important that they want to give their hearts to each other. We are sure that it will just like this.

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 This our customer lives   in Italia, not far from that place where was taken this photo. Real Paradise.

"99% honestly, I don’t want Lina or any Ukrainian woman accusing me of being old and ugly. A Ukrainian woman is just a fixed cost for me. Probably for a Ukrainian woman who is not humble to live here is impossible. She has no chance of getting a job. She just has to stay home and accompany her man when he goes out to work and travels. Unique, I repeat again, advantage for Italian man is that the woman Ukraine is young and childless. For the rest there is no other advantage. Believe me. There is a lot of racism towards people without money in rich circles of Italian society. No one lets in people who don’t have wealth,.. ... Read more »

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