The  photo is not very good, but this photo is very positive. 

Our client Natasha went for a walk with her dog. Why I write about this? If thi is so important news for Marriage agency?

 No, of course. The news   is important because that that Natasha is has big heart and love the animals, she was chosen by our client from Holland. He has a good heart and he filled by the heart which lady to chose.

 And now the 03.04.2023 will be a very important date of those two lonely person. We are sure that they will like each other.

 The date will be in that restaurant.

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Sometimes our customers can be angry.

"Honestly Lina is a beautiful woman, just because she is young, but as a person she is absolutely insignificant. She has no intelligence. Luda imagines one evening at dinner, Frania and Lina at the same table. Lina has nothing at all to interest. She would be ridiculous. Misplaced. Also because she’s just a body but doesn’t have a brain. You have a very limited life, because when a woman is not able to choose her man well, she is destined for a mediocre future."

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She met another man. She prefered more younger man that our client. Sometimes It happens.

"Nothing bad has happened. You chose another man and I will meet another woman. You are free to make your own choices. It is right that you have made the choice that you feel is best for you. I have never met this person, so I have lost nothing. She never existed in my life. Not even for coffee. You introduced a guy to this woman, and she fell in love with him. You must be happy for her. Thanks to you she has found her love. So she has to thank you, even for giving up on me, otherwise she would have lost this great love. I had nothing to do with it. These are just your things"

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 A big event in our agency-date inour agency of very special our couple. In April 3, 2023 Natasha will meet that one her special man. You may ask why here this photo? Why rebit is here?  He will by the symbol of this date and he will bring the luck. We are sure.

 In this restaurant will be date.

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