Sad, very sad and dart, like this heart in photo

 Sometimes we have  no result. Yes , we try , try and no result. But we must remember that MARRIAGES are in Heavens.  We are only instruments  to help the people to meet each other.

"Luda, the more time goes by, the more convinced I am that these contacts with these people are just a way to throw money away. I’ve always given you confidence and nothing. I don’t think you’re responsible. I’m not interested in arguing. All I care about is whether this road makes sense to you. Not at the moment. I anticipate that at any moment I might decide to stop this search. At the moment you are only among the Ukrainian agencies that often offer me mobile num ... Read more »

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We nave a very rich and educated client. Do you think It is easy to him to choose his dream lady? Only read his letter and you will undesrstand.

"Honestly Lina is a beautiful woman, just because she is young, but as a person she is absolutely insignificant. She has no intelligence. Luda imagines one evening at dinner, Maria and Lina at the same table.Lina has nothing at all to interest. She would be ridiculous. Misplaced. Also because she’s just a body but doesn’t have a brain. You have a very limited life, because when a woman is not able to choose her man well, she is destined for a mediocre future."

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