He Still Wants ,That Lina Comes

Our client is in love with Lina. She took his heart.

"Dear Liubov, if Lina does not tell you that she really wants to come to me, we must leave her to her fate. If a woman exchanges gold for tin, well-being for poverty, maturity for immaturity, certainty for uncertainty, comfort for discomfort, solidity for precariousness, then it is right that she should put herself in a position to hurt herself with her own hands. I certainly won’t be here waiting for you, maybe come back with a bump and a baby. A woman marries a man if she can have a solid future. Otherwise she’s a fool. I don’t marry a pole dancer, I don’t fall in love with her, . Then everyone goes home. And most of all we don’t see each other anymore. Instead Lina thinks she touched the sky with a finger. In a few years, if these are the premises will have to rise from the ground, but you and I will be a distant memory and its misfortunes do not concern us".

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