Lina,Come to Me


"Our client from Italia is in love with our Lina. He invited her to Italia, but she is thinking.

"I am quite confident that there will be a ceasefire. Unfortunately, the effects of the war (deaths, injuries, destruction, poverty, ..) are all suffering for Ukraine. After this horrible phase there will be the alleged reconstruction of the country. Unfortunately, even in this case, since foreign money, the first to have an advantage will be foreigners. Meanwhile, the lives of the Ukrainian people will quickly be forgotten because the world, insensitive to the pain of others for a long time, will have other priorities. And whoever is a refugee today is unlikely to be rich tomorrow. So those who find a love, a welcoming home, a friend can clearly say that they have survived the suffering. But this sense of gratitude must be constant, because if for example a Ukrainian woman cheats on a Western man, she will end up on the street in a moment and continue to live with suffering and misery on a daily basis. This principle must be clear. It is useless to ask Lina or another to come to Italy or to another Western country. If one of them wants to come, she has to hurry up, because it could also happen that that door has closed and that house has welcomed another person who is much more determined and enthusiastic about changing their life".

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