We were thinking that will be one more couple in our agency.But...

"An Italian boy if rich and of good family would never get engaged to a Ukrainian girl of the same age. With all the beautiful Italian girls, full of economic possibilities, with wealthy families it would be absurd to choose a Ukrainian girl. Only poor Italian boys can be with a Ukraine because they have nothing to give. Both are poor. Their family will be poor and their children on the margins of society. The only ones who can take a Ukrainian girl are my peers because they are with a younger female. Other advantages are not there.. If then the Ukrainian girl does not want to be with an Italian man older than her 20 years, he the Butts outside the house and she goes where she wants ... Read more »

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notre client de France finnalement a trouve la femme de sa vie. Esperons que cela va marcher.

"Bonjour Liuba, cette jeune femme est vraiment très belle.Quel âge a-t-elle ?quelle est sa formation ?Qu'est-ce qu'elle fait dans la vie? Où habite-t'elle? You can answer in englisch or in russian because I am studing russian again. Avec mes amicales pensée", Pierre

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 We are planning the date for our clients. Everything is ready.

"When she arrives at Rome airport, I wait for her exit passengers. We take my car to the parking lot. I think of everything. She doesn’t have to spend anything. As long as she’s in Italy she’s my guest.
Or I’ll go to Geneva and meet you there.
I’m gonna get on a plane and meet her personally.
I stay 1 night in a hotel and then I go back to Italy.
Let me know if it’s okay"

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"  Good morning. I want to continue my quest to meet my soul mate with your agency again. In Italy I meet many women, but until today I have not found anyone to share my life with.
Dress 70km from Rome, single, 52 years old, 182cm, breezy hair, green eyes, no smoke, alcohol socially, sporty physique, cheerful character, faithful, cultured, beautiful presence, distinguished, elegant, refined, generous, altruistic, honest, clean, sensitive, pacifist, traveler, graduate in law, 2 adult children who do not live with me, eat healthy, spiritual, I live in a garden villa with 5 bedrooms, jacuzzi, Turkish bath, parquet, elegant furniture, fireplace,. I am a sales manager. I have a second beach house for the summer holidays. Czech a woman with the f ... Read more »

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