"Lina a was a good person, even if what she writes makes me think.... What can I do with a poor refugee who prefers a poor young man to me? Maybe she does not know, because she is poor and does not frequent rich people, that there are many women with more years of her, who are very elegant, well dressed, with many houses owned, a very well paid job, luxury cars, jewelry, gold, villas by the sea, money in the bank....

Why should I give up such women for a poor refugee from a poor country?

My beautiful and elegant Italian "friend Linda, is an established doctor, a woman of 45 years, mother of 2 children (it’s a problem for me!!!!), a rich woman, this is her car and this a picture of her house. That’s the standard of the Italian woma ... Read more »

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Ukraine. Kiev. War. But we continue to work even the situations sometimes difficult. Some our the most brave clients come in Kiev in order to find a dream girl, but the main our work is to arrange the dates in Europe. Majority of our ladies now are in Europe and majority of our dates are there.  But the main thing that we are working now  and we fid not stop our work during all year of war.

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Sorry, but we could not find the dream lady for this clint from Europe. Sometimes It can happen.

If it did not go well with the search for a Ukrainian woman, The universe tells me that a Ukrainian woman is not in my destiny.
I have to forget that I have a Ukrainian woman by my side and accept my destiny that will surely be different.

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