He is so desapoited with our Lina, that he stoped all research of Ukrainian woman.

"Luda, I’m very busy with work now.  F. is a doctor in pediatrics. She works in the hospital and she also has a private practice.
I don’t care what Lina thinks anymore.
As soon as I can stop for my work, I send you a small sum of money, simply to take my leave of you gracefully.
I’m not looking for a Ukrainian woman anymore.
I wish all your girls to meet men to be happy with.
I wish Lina happiness with that boy.
I don’t want to continue this research.
Thank you"

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 Dear men. We want to advise you something: if you  find the lady which you like - do not lose her. Maybe the destiny will not give you the chance to meet new love.  This our client losted the opotunity to marry with one our client. Now regrets. 

"I think they’ll get married. Only if one day she will write to me directly, then not through you, and ask me to want to come to my house, only then I might be available to meet her. But I don’t want her to sleep with me. She has to sleep in a different room than me, even on a different floor in my house. My kids don’t have to be home for the weekend, because I don’t want to embarrass anyone. And I have to be free of all kinds of commitments.
But this w ... Read more »

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