Congratulation!. We were looking for this date for Natalie long time. Et finally it will be happen  in 3, April in the evening in a nice ,cozy restaurant , which Natasha has chose. 

  Natasha is from Kiev but after the war she came to Germany. Her man is from Holland.  They never meet yet, but we  are sure that personal meeting will be wonderrful,. Why we are sure? Beaucause he shose only one this woman and they even did not speak by telephone, they have this feeling ,that they are each for othet. Sometimes the people have this sentation.

 Natalia prepared even very nice, special present to him. They are counting the hours before meeting. We are sure that It will be a spesial date. We are anxious for thit d ... Read more »

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Every man has dream about his woman. This our client is close to find that one, special woman...

"My friends criticize me because I will be leaving my beautiful villa with a private garden  to move to rent an apartment in Trieste . My whole thought is in my choice. I want to live in a city on the sea, rich in culture, multi-ethnic, with an airport, railway, border, ... Here Trieste is all this. I want to live my life with honesty, interest, the desire to feel happy. So I also want to make other people happy. Especially the woman who will be by my side to whom life must smile. I wish you all the best. With deep respect and sincere gratitude.
Thank you"

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 So  sad story in our agency. Our client is in love, but the girl, she is also our client, shose a younger man. Sometimes It can Happen-

"So for her I’m old and ugly 
You can tell her to keep the poor young man, like she did, because if she wanted to meet me, she would have met me in Geneva, because I would have gone there at my expense. I certainly don’t need other people’s money like you. 
Luda, I’m not mistaken.
Too bad for her. "

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Si agreable de lire les lettres  comme ca de mes clients.

"Bonsoir Liuba, merci pour tout ce que vous faites pour moi. Je dois absolument faire rentrer de l'argent soit une vente d'art, soit une commission immobilière avant de voyager. Je vous tiens au courant comme je vous l'ai écrit il y a 10 jours. Bien à  vous, Pierre."

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