Some our clients prefere to marry a woman without children. We try to help to find that special woman for him.

"I ask you a question : why should I have a child to be with a woman? What advantage would I have? Nobody. In fact I will never have children with any woman (Italian or foreign is the same thing).

But I will take care of a woman. I will not betray my woman. I will live with her.  I will share everything with her.

I will marry her only after years of cohabitation because, as I have told you several times, when I die, she will be entitled every month throughout her life to receive from the Italian state 60% of my future pension. And with this amount of money, you can live with dignity. So you will live, when I am alive, i ... Read more »

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Inna and Marcus are travelling in Europe. Inna lives in Kiev. Marcus lives in Greece. They met each  other in our agency. As in  Ukraine is still Winter, Marcus made a great present to Inna before International Woman’ s Day-he bought the trip to Spain. And now we are in Spain. Here is Spring already. This romantic trip will help them to know eash other better and maybe they will marry some day.

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Those video made our client Lina. Now she lives near Geneva, before the war she was living in Ukraine. As she loves the nature, she likes to be in country side and make some photos and video. Some of them she sent to us and we published.

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Gear Ladies! We have a  man for you. Write to us. Here is his letter.

"It is only fair that you know that this is my last test with a Ukrainian woman.
There will be no more!
For this reason I ask you with total sincerity to be 101% sure that this woman is:
Really interested in me (it seems strange to me that such a woman cannot find a man in Ukraine ),
You want to come to Italy very soon also having a passport,
You want to cook and clean the house,
You are absolutely faithful and don't go looking for other men in Italy, otherwise I'll put you out of the house in a moment,
Be a woman who gives up getting pregnant.


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