He Is Not Happy...



 One our client did not find any woman in our agency, So many women and not even one for him. It is pity. But sometimes can happen like this.

"I  have nothing against you. I just don’t want to continue this quest anymore. Money wasted. My money. Money sacrificed. To have what in canbio: nothing. The result is not there, so it is foolish to waste more time and money on this thing. Then there are too many things that are not clear: Many people on the site I have known them-. 
Better a woman I really know in my country. A woman doing a job. A woman who is as I see her with my eyes, not a woman in the picture. Often the photos are false.. Things start and end. For everyone. For me too. You will have thousands of customers. You will be luckier with them. I wish you much luck in work and life. You are a person who tries to live by earning money. That’s understandable. I wish you so much peace. I’m not angry, I just said enough. It’s my right. Thank you as always."

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