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 This our customer lives   in Italia, not far from that place where was taken this photo. Real Paradise.

"99% honestly, I don’t want Lina or any Ukrainian woman accusing me of being old and ugly. A Ukrainian woman is just a fixed cost for me. Probably for a Ukrainian woman who is not humble to live here is impossible. She has no chance of getting a job. She just has to stay home and accompany her man when he goes out to work and travels. Unique, I repeat again, advantage for Italian man is that the woman Ukraine is young and childless. For the rest there is no other advantage. Believe me. There is a lot of racism towards people without money in rich circles of Italian society. No one lets in people who don’t have wealth,.... Unfortunately, they do. So I think you can really give me very little. Especially since she’s a conceited girl. Nobody looks at her. Maria and I can do 5 or 6 trips abroad every year. Go on a skiing holiday. Go on a cruise. At home by the sea or at home. The big problem is that she has little time because she is very busy for work and the little time available is almost everything for her children. So for me there is little time. This is the truth of Italian women divorced with children."

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