" You Will Not Get Any More Messages..".


 Client Angree

  "  I conclude by saying that it irritates me to have relations with these despicable girls who throw  the plane ticket I paid because they demand money to move. But who knows these people? If I want to know a person, I pay with my money plane, hotel and do not ask anything to anyone. That’s way too much. Besides, I have to beg Zina to come here. But who really cares. Let her marry whoever she wants and have   children with whoever she wants. Then let’s see how they live. Or she comes but only if you marry her. A person I do not know said to me terms. She should just kiss on the ground to stay here. I respect everyone but I’m not interested in these situations. I live here who wants to know me comes here. Who does not come is because he does not want to meet me. Then it is better that he stays where he wants and with whom he happens.
I think I’ve said it all.
Now I’m gonna delete your cell phone number so you don’t get any more messages from me.
Good life. I wish you much luck. Sincerely "

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