We Said Everything.


We were thinking that will be one more couple in our agency.But...

"An Italian boy if rich and of good family would never get engaged to a Ukrainian girl of the same age. With all the beautiful Italian girls, full of economic possibilities, with wealthy families it would be absurd to choose a Ukrainian girl. Only poor Italian boys can be with a Ukraine because they have nothing to give. Both are poor. Their family will be poor and their children on the margins of society. The only ones who can take a Ukrainian girl are my peers because they are with a younger female. Other advantages are not there.. If then the Ukrainian girl does not want to be with an Italian man older than her 20 years, he the Butts outside the house and she goes where she wants and with whom she wants. The talk with your Lina for me ends here. No need to waste any more time. If tomorrow she wants to contact me and I will still be interested in her or simply available then we will see..  i. Then she’ll break up because these two won’t be together for the rest of their lives, but I’m a refugee with a son of another man, who she preferred to me, I don’t let her set foot in my house.
So we said everything".

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