Seureus, very serious thoughts wrote our smart client to his potential fiancee.

"I live in a village . I lead a healthy life. Serena. Equibrata. I saw your last picture on the profile. Surely you were abroad in a luxury hotel. I want to live in my house with my woman, cooking together, going to the supermarket together, a normal life, without unnecessary glitz, but with the right things.  In life you need concreteness. If a person is not well you need a good doctor. Beauty is of no use. Have you thought about your future? How can you live when you are older than you are today?  Who will you want to be with in the future? If there is no solid foundation, there can be no security. Life is unpredictable. When there are difficulties you must always be ready. Think about what you want. Think about what you will be in 10 years... The world is full of people who think they are invincible, insecure, unattainable. Then unfortunately for them reality always brings the bill. It is often salty and are not able to live happily."

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