Wy do you write .... "if she chooses you, you will be lucky ..." ??? People are formed because man and woman choose each other.
No one has ever found me in the middle of the street. It could also be the other way around: for example, I don't like it and don't care. And I wouldn't rule it out at all. Indeed I am convinced that it is very difficult, almost impossible, that I can really fall in love with a Ukrainian woman.
Because? Because we are very different cultures. Because we speak different languages. Because we have a different cuisine. Because we have a different religion. Because we have a different climate. Because we dress differently. Because we have breakfast, lunch and dinner differently. Because I've only had bad experiences with Ukrainian women. Because it is very easy to meet a woman (even in Italy) , easy to get acquainted with, difficult to make friends with, very difficult to pair up with for the rest of your life. But I like to make fun of life, to experience, to be intrigued.
After all, it is not absolutely necessary to have a woman. For me it is only essential to have my children. If I also meet a woman and I'm fine with her, that's fine, but without her giving me problems, because I've had enough

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