Not Optimistic Thoughts


 This letter is not optimistic. Yes ,the times is not simple. But, in any case, after the nights comes day.

"This is not the time for business. It is a dramatic time. It is a time of death. There is a war. A physical, human, economic, psychological extermination.
You know my thoughts perfectly.
I will go to Rome and open the doors of my house, like many other Italians, to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the bombs. Many of them will never return to Ukraine and those who return, once the war is over, will unfortunately find rubble, destruction, blood and death.
For this reason, if you want to sincerely help this woman, you give her (or another Ukrainian woman) the real chance to live in peace.
If you don't do this, you will miss a chance to do a good deed for those in trouble and perhaps end up leading a dramatic existence."

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