No More Ukrainian Women

"No more Ukrainian women!"- Our client decided like this. But I a sure, that he will continue to look for his dream girl in Ukraine.

Luda, I don’t need a Ukrainian person to be happy. I don’t miss anything. You saw with your own eyes the style of the Italian woman. There is no comparison with your girls. We live two realities too different, too far away, too many differences. I don’t have to adapt to a Ukrainian woman. If anything, it’s the opposite. This experience made me think a lot. I understood many things. Wife and oxen of your country. After all, I lost nothing, while your girls starting from Lina will have to have a better life because otherwise losing me is a defeat for their lives. Now I have to sign up for a new job. I am very serene and focused. It is important to earn well. I have 2 children and I have to think about them. Living in Italy is beautiful. The most beautiful country in the world. I’m really lucky. I never had any doubts.

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