No Interest to Ukrainian Women


 Beautiful women from my country are not in a hurry to come to visit the mem if they are not sure  in their feelings. Even a nice Italian man invites.

"Luda, the more time goes by, the more convinced I am that these contacts with these people are just a way to throw money away. I’ve always given you confidence and nothing. I don’t think you’re responsible. I’m not interested in arguing. All I care about is whether this road makes sense to you. Not at the moment. I anticipate that at any moment I might decide to stop this search. At the moment you are only among the Ukrainian agencies that often offer me mobile numbers of women after 5 or 6 photos sent. I’ve all said no thanks. Get a video message sent on whatsapp and show me who this person is. I’m not sure I’ve met her before. Maybe I’m wrong. Alena was in Poland too, but she told me she was in POLTAVA. .. These women are in a country at war, they die of hunger and they do not come where they live well. Something is wrong. In fact, I am no longer convinced that I am following this research.  . I solve.. It’s probably better that these Ukrainians stay in their country, because the result is always the same. I think I’m fed up. I’m sorry, but being good is good, too good is no use."

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