Need Woman Without Children


We are looking for a beautiful Ukrainian woman for our client, but he wants only woman without children and he explain why.

"When a woman (Italian) is a mother, of course her attentions, thoughts go first to her daughter. So I always come after. What it means : it means that I have to live with a woman who every day must be engaged in the school tasks of her son, in the sport of her son,.... It’s a wonderful and natural thing. I lived 4 years with an Italian woman, mother of a daughter. The daughter started smoking. Then the daughter came home late at night. Then the daughter went bad at school. Then the daughter often quarreled with her mother. Then the daughter dressed too sexy.  ... Too much trouble. I preferred to say enough. That’s why a Ukrainian woman (in Italy is difficult) without children would be a good thing for both of us. But if it doesn’t happen, it’s okay, because it’s better to be alone than with a woman who’s bothering me. Regardless of nationality."

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