Lina Is Still in His Heart


"Good morning. I am skiing with my friends but I want to ask you, if you want of course, a final courtesy. Forward this my last message to Lina (I do not have her mobile number and today I delete yours too even if in the coming days I will send you money with money gram for a final greeting). I only suspended contact with her because of a disease I’ve cured and overcome. You’re happy with another man now, so there’s no point in continuing with her. Surely you, like most relationships without economic prospects will not last a lifetime. I’m pretty sure. At the end of the initial phase there are problems, difficulties and the couple bursts. I tell you from experience. If she makes a child with him, she will have many initial joys and many future problems. If tomorrow she wants to seek I can meet her only under these conditions :
- I must still be single
- I must still be in love with her
- you must not have children-
- I must have time to meet her for my work
I just wanted to meet her. I would pay for a plane ticket. She was my guest. I just wanted to talk to her. She would sleep alone in a bedroom with bathroom and I in my bedroom
- I wouldn’t have touched her with a finger
- I would only shake her hand
- I would have listened to her and shown my mind

- perhaps we would have been friends, nothing more
- perhaps I never wanted her to be my woman, but I would have wished her to be happy
- perhaps we have never understood each other enough

Now you know exactly my thought for her. I am a man who lives his life every day with honesty and respect of me and everyone.
Thank you"

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