His Propose Is Serious


" Dear ,I am writing to you my thoughts in total sincerity. You will not be able to stay all your life in Poland living like a refugee. It would be unthinkable. So you have to decide where to go and above all have a safe, peaceful life in a cozy home because this nightmare needs to be removed. Unfortunately, other people will not have the same opportunity as you. Life will not be easy for them. So be grateful to Luda who opened a door for you. Now it's up to you to be brave and decide what you want to do with your life.
Nobody forces you, but you can choose. Never forget this. Others are not allowed to choose. And those who cannot choose must suffer suffering, misery and abandonment for a long time.
You are a woman. Behave like an adult and move on.
Behind there is only darkness. This will serve you to build something very important.
Real things are written in stone. Writing on water is useless because there is nothing left.
Good night"

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