His Humble Thoughts

Our clients send sometimes thair thoughts and some are very interesting.

"Reflecting well, I think that among all these girls of Eastern Europe it is common to feel unattainable for their "alleged" self-declared beauty. Many are young dreamers and inexperience makes making choices that with time often turn out wrong. For example wrong man in life. But it is probably right for them to reason like this. After all, life is personal and everyone will lick their necks. But there is no turning back. And that goes for everyone. I am now a realized man, so I’m just looking for serenity. A woman has to add positivity to my life. Even if it were miss universe and it created problems for me, I would have neither desire nor strength and I add the patience to waste time with her. Each of us must not force the choices of others or even beg the other person. If there is no attraction, more mental than physical (because the latter ends) it makes no sense to even start a relationship. Ukraine is a war camp, and it is not yet known for how long. After the war there is no wealth, but misery. There will be many weapons still in circulation. So it will be difficult to be sure. Many unexploded bombs. A neighboring country, Russia, always ready for a new invasion. So much corruption. Too many deaths. A country to be rebuilt with money from other countries that in return will become indirect masters of your economy. For a young woman, many countrymen fewer. Few certainties. Many doubts. The risk of wasting life unnecessarily. Without money in case of marriage with a poor foreign or Ukrainian man, the absolute certainty of a difficult future. This is my humble thought."

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