He Wants Woman Without Children


Some our clients prefere to marry a woman without children. We try to help to find that special woman for him.

"I ask you a question : why should I have a child to be with a woman? What advantage would I have? Nobody. In fact I will never have children with any woman (Italian or foreign is the same thing).

But I will take care of a woman. I will not betray my woman. I will live with her.  I will share everything with her.

I will marry her only after years of cohabitation because, as I have told you several times, when I die, she will be entitled every month throughout her life to receive from the Italian state 60% of my future pension. And with this amount of money, you can live with dignity. So you will live, when I am alive, in a comfortable condition, and after I die, you will have a cheap parachute to protect your life.

I have clear ideas.
Anyone who thinks otherwise is not my problem.
I am this and I can and I want to give.
Who doesn’t care or is little, I wish a lot of good luck.
But it will never be easy to find more..".

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